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〈Graphpaper × Hajime Sorayama〉Broad Oversized L/S Band Collar Shirt / Hajime Sorayama



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Made from broadcloth woven from extra-long staple cotton, which is used for luxury bed sheets.
Also the fabric feels fluffy and lustrous, and when you wear you will feel it is so comfortable.
The silhouette is boxy and dropped-shoulder, it would be good to wear like jacket.
On the chest there is a one-point design of Hajime Sorayama's work created for 2G from the "Sexy Robot" series.
On the back there is a message from Hajime Sorayama, “Anyway, I do describe instinct. We
all have desires -such as appetite, erotism- , and it won’t change. So I often draw sex, as art.”