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Daniel Arsham-an artist-, Hayden Cox – a surfboard brand owner-, and Chris Stamp -an apparel designer-.
The shared vision of the three designers has resulted in a collaboration that spans industries.
Each of the three designers brought their skills in sculpture, architecture, and manufacturing to the table and designed with care.
The concept of this collection is ʻWave Relicʼ.
Waves in the ocean have two types of movement, and if a wave is consistently occurring, it is said to be a standing wave.
If the wave is not consistent in its movement, it is said to be a Traveling Wave.
A wave can only exist if it has the power to restore the balance between the two.

※ There is a case to take about 5 to 10 days for delivery.

Black Nylon Cotton Blend Athletic Shirt, Stampd ‘Perfect Fit’.
Front Collection Logo on Front Black. Eroded Surboard Back Hit.